Smart Lumen


24W Smart LED

Party, Relax, TV Modes

App & Remote Control

Master Switch

Dust Resistant

100 Speed Options

Presenting India’s first fan with

24W Smart LED

IOT Enabled

Remote & App Control

Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh Technology

App and Remote Features

Learn more about the features and controls of the Ottomate App and Smart Mate Remote

Otto Mode

Adjusts speed automatically

Breeze Mode

Fan adjusts its speed and airflow

Turbo Mode

10% faster than the top speed

Party Mode

Turn your room into a dance floor

TV Mode

Perfect light to enrich TV viewing

Relax Mode

Soothing light for relax

BLE 5.0 Mesh

Connectivity upto 30 feet

100 Speed

Run the fan at any speed of choice

Master Switch

One switch for all fans

Colors Available

We have a variety of colors to match the décor of your home. Choose from a range of colors
to enhance the look of your room with all the smart features for greater comfort

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We are here to resolve your queries

Below are some FAQs that will help you make the right choice and buy the fan that is appropriate for your needs

What are the present Ottomate Fan models?

Smart Ready, Smart Ready Plus, Smart Standard, Smart Standard Plus

What is the difference between Smart Ready/Standard and Smart Ready/Standard Plus fans?

mart Ready/Standard are 3 blade fans while Smart Ready/Standard Plus are 4 blade fans.

What are the colors in which Ottomate fans are available?

Champagne Gold, Otto White, Angel White

What are the various Sweep Sizes for Ottomate Fans?

50″ 4 Blades, 50″ 3 Blades, 40″ 3 Blades, 30″ 4 Blades