Bluetooth-5-Mesh Technology

Qualcomm's cutting-edge connectivity solution for the wireless,switch-less home of the future

Master Switch

One touch to switch off/on all fans in your home

Breeze Mode

Outdoor-like air flow inside the room

Otto Mode

Automatic speed adjustment with temperature and humidity sensors

Turbo Mode

10% higher fan speed than even the top speed

100 Speed Options

Not just 5 speed options, select the exact speed of your choice

24 Watt Smart LED Light

One light to light up your entire room; first-in-the-world product


Increase or decrease the intensity of light as per your comfort


Change from warm white to cool daylight with unlimited options

Party Mode

Turn your room into a dance floor with stroboscopic effect

TV Mode

One touch for the best TV viewing experience; no glare while being easy-on-the-eye

Relax Mode

Move to the soothing light effect, after a hard day at the office

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